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Chapter 8: Training

Source Control Inspection Online Course

Are you supporting a Phase II jurisdiction with developing and implementing source control inspections? This training highlights critical items related to developing an inspection program, conducting inspections, and identifying potential issues. This course consists of four modules:

  1. Overviews of the manual, source control BMPs, and the permit
  2. Setting up an Inspection Program
  3. Implementing an Inspection Program
  4. Additional Resources

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Chapter 8 of the Source Control (Business/Site) Inspection Program Guidance Manual (PDF) addresses the following topics: 

  • Permit Requirements 
  • Training Content 
  • Training Materials 

Source Control Online Resource Library (SCORL)  

Supplemental resources developed for this project related to Chapter 8 include: 

Case Study Videos

  • Source Control Inspection Program: Building Relationships – This case study provides recommendations for source control inspectors on building relationships during source control (business/site) inspections.
  • Source Control Inspection Program: New Facility – This case study provides recommendations for integrating a new facility into a source control (business/site) inspection program.
  • Source Control Inspection Program: Field Translation – This case study provides recommendations for translating in the field during source control (business/site) inspections.