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Don’t Drip & Drive

Don’t Drip & Drive aims to educate Washington drivers about the importance of checking for vehicle leaks and of regular vehicle inspections, whether on their own or at a repair shop. To encourage Washington residents to improve the reliability and safety of their cars, Don’t Drip & Drive offers drivers a way to take their vehicles to a participating repair shop for a free and easy visual leak inspection.
About Us

Don’t Drip and Drive is a regional campaign made possible by grants from the Washington State Department of Ecology and contributing partner repair shops. The campaign is organized by a steering committee and supported by local jurisdictions, state agencies, and non-profit organizations working together to protect Puget Sound.

Each year, vehicles driving around Puget Sound leak approximately 7 million quarts of vehicle fluids, including motor oil, fuel, lubricants, and more into the Puget Sound watershed. Oil and other petroleum products can harm wildlife and habitat. When it rains, stormwater runoff carries petroleum products that drip from our cars to rivers, streams, lakes, and Puget Sound. Don’t Drip and Drive offers drivers a unique opportunity to save money on vehicle maintenance while helping protect our waters for future generations.

Explore Don’t Drip & Drive…

Diagnose Your Leak

What’s leaking under my car? Leaks can often be identified by observing the color, texture, and location of the fluid. Drip by drip, click here to learn more about your leak.

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What to Expect From Your Mechanic

Ready to take your car to a mechanic to diagnose your leak? Our handy tips will take you through the basics of finding a trustworthy and reliable mechanic and what to expect when you get there.

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Learn Preventative Tips

Check out Dr. Drip’s video series for simple tips on identifying and preventing vehicle leaks.

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Find a Local Repair Shop

Visit one of our participating repair shops today and get a free visual leak check and discount on leak repairs. Find a location near you.

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Learn From Professionals

Register for one of our FREE workshops and learn from certified automotive instructors how to properly maintain your vehicle. Plus, your car gets a free inspection!

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