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Municipal Environmental Justice

Municipal Environmental Justice (EJ) Workgroups

The 2019-2024 Phase I and Phase II permits includes the term “overburdened communities.” In 2019 the Phase I group held a meeting with the Department of Ecology to discuss the connection between Environmental Justice (EJ) and stormwater management. The idea to develop an EJ workgroup came out of a regional coordinator meeting last November. In response to both the broader issues of EJ and more specific permit topics of overburdened communities, the Municipal EJ Workgroup and Washington Stormwater Center EJ Salon were organized. With the intent to begin a dialogue on EJ and its intersection with the permit and stormwater management. We welcome anyone interested in engaging in these conversations. These groups will be coordinated by Laurie Larson. Please contact Laurie Larson to get involved.

  • Washington Stormwater Center EJ Salon

    The Washington Stormwater Center wants to partner with its colleagues and friends to host informal discussions about stormwater’s connection with environmental justice. This group will work on issues beyond the permit obligations. Co-coordinated with Maddie Burke from City of Vancouver.

  • Municipal Environmental Justice (EJ) Workgroup and the Permit

    This workgroup is comprised of municipal stormwater staff to discuss issues, resources, and tools specific to permit obligations for overburdened communities.