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Municipal Tools & Resources

The Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) Assistance Programs Guidebook

The Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) Assistance Programs Guidebook is a tool for managers, planners, and other agency staff to update or create a GSI Assistance Program. The guidebook reviews 17 Western Washington GSI Assistance Programs that use technical assistance and/or financial incentives to support GSI installations on private property. Staff from these programs were interviewed and their guidance for developing, implementing, and evaluating GSI Assistance Programs is collated into the guidebook.  

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Pollution Prevention for Farmers Markets & Food Trucks

Preventing pollution is an important part of doing business at any farmer’s market, special event, or food truck location. Help protect clean water this season and make the most of your time outdoors with two webinars from the Washington Stormwater Center.

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Do you work in the construction industry? 

The Washington Stormwater Center is inviting contractors to review a series of FREE webinars that will give you the tools to prevent pollution on your construction sites. Hosted by stormwater professionals working across Western Washington, these webinars will provide helpful tips and examples to contractors and designers. 

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Construction Inspection Toolkit

The Municipal Construction Stormwater Site Inspection Toolkit was developed to assist municipal inspectors with more effectively tracking compliance with the municipal stormwater National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit.

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Underground Injection Control (UIC) and MS4 Program

Presented by Douglas Howie

Jurisdictions use Underground Injection Control (UIC) facilities to infiltrate treated stormwater and meet Core Element #6 Flow Control. UICs are registered by Ecology authorized through guidance from WAC 173-218 and not by the Municipal Stormwater General Permit. This presentation discusses how the Municipal Permit and the UIC WAC work together to control stormwater in Eastern Washington.

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Business Source Control & Inspection Program

Developing a source control program guidance manual and trainings to assist Western Washington Phase II permittees to implement new business inspection source control programs that comply with 2019-2024 NPDES Municipal Stormwater Permit requirements (S5.C.8).

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Business Inspection Report 2020

This report provides detailed information to Western Washington Permittees by providing examples and best practices to address various elements of a business inspection program.

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