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Strategic Action Monitoring (SAM) Bioretention Project Results

Study Team:

Bill Taylor, Taylor Aquatic Science
Doug Beyerlein, Clear Creek Solutions
Jenny Saltonstall, Associated Earth Sciences, Inc.
Bryan Berkompas, Aspect Consulting
Anne Cline, PLA, Raedeke Associates, Inc.

Through the SAM funding process, supported by Western Washington permittees, the team has been conducting hydrologic monitoring, infiltration studies, plant community development, and modeling comparison of ten newly designed and built bioretention projects throughout the Puget Sound Basin.

This presentation compiles recent findings and recommendations to jurisdictions for improved design plan review, inspection, and expected bioretention performance. These findings will cover actual measured field results from:

  • Hydrologic response
  • Infiltration studies
  • Bioretention media composition
  • Plant community composition and survival
  • Comparison of measured hydrology to modeled predictions
    using the new WWHM 2012 Bioretention Module