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Municon 2023 is Coming!

The Washington Stormwater Center is pleased to announce the 2023 Washington Statewide Municipal Stormwater conference (MuniCon). MuniCon 2023 is scheduled as an in-person conference or April 25 – 26 with hybrid options available.

Conference Overview & Goals

The conference aims to provide the Washington municipal stormwater community an opportunity to communicate, coordinate, and exchange approaches and tools for addressing priority issues and challenges faced by municipal stormwater permittees in Eastern and Western Washington.

Call For Abstracts

*Abstracts must be submitted by November 30, 2022

We invite municipal stormwater permittees and stormwater-related professionals to submit abstracts for presentations. Abstracts should include information, tools, lessons learned, and other content that support municipal permittees’ efficient and effective achievement of municipal stormwater permit-related obligations. The abstract selection process will prioritize abstracts that address the unique compliance challenges faced by Eastern and Western Washington municipalities. 


Provide a brief overview of the presentation (target 150 words or less) and summarize the main messages and learning objectives of the presentation. 

Describe the outcomes and objectives for your presentation. This should include:

• An overview of the topic you are presenting and its importance to permittees.

• What challenges (particularly unanticipated) have you experienced, including potential solutions. Discoveries of what didn’t work can be as valuable as discovering the successes.

• The outcomes, lessons learned, or tools that your work has produced. 

• The conclusions or analysis you intend to draw in this presentation

• How your project/program applies to conditions (environmental and/or regulatory) in both Eastern and Western Washington.

• How will this presentation improve the efficiency of municipal permit compliance? Emphasizing cost-effectiveness aspects where pertinent.

*Note that abstracts become part of the meeting program and will be made public as a permanent record of your presentation.



Abstracts will be reviewed and ranked based on their technical and/or stormwater policy merit, relevance to current needs, and their breadth of applicability to MS4 permittees statewide. Priority will be given to presentations led by municipal participants or participants that are presenting on behalf of municipal partners and in alignment with conference goals.

If your abstract is accepted, you will be required to submit an electronic copy of the presentation on or before April 1, 2023. The acceptance notification package includes instructions on the presentation material formatting and submittal deadlines.

Selected presentations and presentation materials will be recorded in person (MuniCon will work to accommodate presenters unable to present in-person) and posted to the Washington Stormwater Center website following the conference. All presentations will include a question and answer session following the presentation; question and answer sessions are not recorded.

MuniCon provides one (1) complimentary presenter registration per accepted abstract. MuniCon does not cover the presenter’s expenses.

Interested in Becoming a Sponsor or Exhibitor?

To become a sponsor at MuniCon 2023, or if you have questions, contact Nish Nandankar

Phone: 509-335-0841

Sponsorship contributions are due at the time of application.

*Please make checks payable to Washington State University 

For additional updates about MuniCon 2023, visit the registration portal.