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Retrofitting and Trees, Department of Ecology Stormwater Grants

David Mora, Dept. of Ecology 

2022 Lacey Stormwater Design Manual: Local Enhancements

Julianne Chechanover, Herrera, Doug Christenson, City of Lacey, Jenny Saltonstall, Associated Earth Sciences Inc. 

Stormwater Self-Inspection Program: What Was Learned

Nels Rasmussen, City of Arlington 

*Due to technical issues there is no recording available 

Updates to TAPE and Transition to STEPP

Carla Milesi, UW/WSC, Dough Howie, Dept. of Ecology 

We Can Do More: Finding and Addressing Sources of PCBs in Building Material

Myles Perkins, Dept. of Ecology

 Washington Stormwater Benchmarking and Rate Structure Survey Results

Tage Aaker & John Ghilarducci, FCS Group

 2024 Permit Reissuance 

Abbey Stockwell, Amy Waterman, Doug Howie, & Brandi Lubliner, Dept. of Ecology 

BMP Owner Awareness Effectiveness Study 

Kelsey Grover, City of Wenatchee 

Private Stormwater Infrastructure & Biodiversity in Washington 

Jim Leamy, Thurston County 

Coordinating a New EPA Municipal Stormwater Permit

Merita Trohimovich, City of Tacoma

MS4 Problems Solved with Drywells

Kathryn Thomason, Oldcastle