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Integrating Salmon-Safe and the NPDES Permit

Autumn Salmack & John Featherstone, City of Shoreline; Bryan Berkompas, Aspect Consulting

Global Solutions to Local Stormwater Challenges

Jane Dewell, Port of Seattle; Stefano Mazzilli, Pure Blue

The On-going Saga of TAPE and STEPP

Doug Howie, Ecology; Carla Milesi, University of Washington

National Perspectives on the Stormwater and MS4/Sector

Seth Brown, NMSA

Inspection Process Improvement

Jess Eakens & Morgan Maupin, Ecology

Solutions to Stormwater Rate Challenges

Tage Aaker, FCS Group

Treatment of Organic Stormwater Pollutants by Bioretention Soil Media Amended With Biochar and Fungi

Chelsea Mitchell, Washington State University