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Providing a platform for Eastern Washington stormwater stakeholders to cooperatively participate in a transparent process to identify, discuss, and develop suggestions under consensus for submission to Ecology prior to the reissuance of the Eastern Washington Phase II Municipal Stormwater Permit.

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Past Training from Herrera

In 2016 Herrera conducted a series of trainings focused on the fundamental principles of LID and their application. While older, this series is still relevant and you can access the archive here.

Eastern Washington MS4 Phase II 2019-2024 Permit Compliance tables were created by Eastern Washington Phase II permittee Wenatchee.

They are being shared for other Eastern Washington permittees use as a template for your programs.

The intent for sharing these templates is to aid in:

  • Communicating stormwater permit obligations among department management, staff, decision-makers, and programs
  • Identify resource and staffing needs
  • Assigning roles and responsibilities among departments and staff
  • Developing work programs and budgets
  • Tracking permit compliance
  • Generating annual reporting assignments