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Western Washington MS4 Phase II 2019-2024 Permit Compliance tables were created by Phase II permittees.

They are being shared by those who created them for other permittees use as a template for your programs.

Synthesis of Street Sweeping Research & Practices: Guiding Program Development & Implementation

This project will assist in the development of a guidance manual that will provide information and tools Permittees can use to assist with developing and/or improving their street sweeping program. This effort is timed to support Permittees with meeting the anticipated 2024-2029 Municipal Separate Storm Sewer (MS4) Permit requirements, enabling these Permittees to implement a street sweeping program by July 1, 2027.

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This web page serves as a resource page for participants in the 2024 Western Washington Ad Hoc Process. Moving forward, Western Washington permittees and stakeholders can visit this site to learn about this effort, track dates and times, and get updates – including from the various Topic Group’s efforts.

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Templates 2019-2024:

Ecology Provided Timetable:

Each jurisdiction may need jurisdiction-specific adjustments/customizations (e.g., monitoring option selected, monitoring for SW WA permittees, secondary permittees, details on TMLD requirements, etc.)

The intent for sharing these templates is to aid in:

  • Communicating stormwater permit obligations among department management, staff, decision-makers, and programs,
  • Identify resource and staffing needs,
  • Assigning roles and responsibilities among departments and staff,
  • Developing work programs and budgets,
  • Tracking permit compliance, and
  • Generating annual reporting assignments