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Instruction Provided By:

Douglas Howie, Dept. of Ecology

Brian Morgenroth, City of Walla Walla

Training took place on March 22, and March 23, 2022

For questions regarding these trainings contact Laurie Larson

Missed the Trainings?

No problem, all materials from this two-day series were captured, edited, and added to our YouTube so you can check them out at any time! This playlist features eight training videos including topics like how UIC treatment is determined and the site plan review process, as well as three videos featuring exercises from day two of the training.

Recommended reading for the  March 22 Day 1 training session Plan Review training please review the following documents:

Recommended reading for the March 23 Day 2 training session Plan Review training please review the following documents:


The Eastern Washington Phase II Municipal Stormwater Permit required Permittees to have programs to control runoff from new development, and redevelopment. These programs are required to include a review of stormwater site plans for development activities. The WSC partnered with the City of Walla Walla and the Department of Ecology to develop a Plan Reviewer Training. This training is intended to provide municipal staff whose primary function is to review plans for a general overview of how to review a plan set to ensure compliance with the Permits.

 Training Materials, March 22, 2022


1. AM Session PowerPoint 

2. Figure 1 Flow Chart Project Tier Determination 

3. Figure 2-3 Flow charts Core Elements Determination 

4. Design Infiltration Rate Determination 

5. Large Sized Project Checklist 

6. Medium-Sized Project Checklist 

7. Walla Walla SW Design Standards Handbook 

Training Materials, March 23, 2022 


8. GSI Opportunities & Plan Review Process Checklist 

9. Subdivisions 

• Geotech Report Subdivision 

• Sub Post Development Map – As-built 

• Sub Post Development Map – Ortho 

• Sub Pre-Development Map – Ortho & Topo 

• Sub Pre-Development Map – Ortho 

• Sub Pre-Development Map – Topo 

10. Commercial 

• Civil Plans for Commercial 

• Comm Pre-Development Map – Ortho & Topo 

• Comm Pre-Development Map – Topo 

• Geotech Report for Commercial 

*Materials used in this training are courtesy of the City of Walla Walla for reference. Each jurisdiction should review its specific codes and ordinances. REFERENCE SWMMEW AND WALLA WALLA