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Stormwater Planning

Guidance Documents

This SMAP Guidance document package was created by the City of Poulsbo (based on Gig Harbor and Thurston County compliance sheets) to distribute to their SMAP team members. This package contains an excel Permit Implementation Schedule Tracking sheet that includes “prep work” to the schedule ahead of each SMAP due date. The prep dates are an arbitrary estimate included as a visual reminder to help the team think about Planning ahead!
* Each jurisdiction may need jurisdiction-specific adjustments/customizations.

The climate is changing and these changes will impact stormwater management. A regional conversation is just starting…

Explore technical memos from King County and view past workshops, all discussing the effects climate change is already having on the world of stormwater management.
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Preliminary Climate Change Assessment for the Puget Sound Partnership

The Puget Sound Partnership intends that this preliminary assessment will inform and support future action in the collective efforts to recover and protect Puget Sound.
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Explore Stormwater Planning…

Webinar: Watershed Approach to Recovering Urban Streams: Developing and Implementing a Watershed Management Plan

Redmond's Watershed Management Plan was adopted by its City Council and was developed in partnership with the Washington State Department of Ecology. Redmond's stormwater utility is now in the process of implementing the program.

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Webinar: Puget Sound Watershed Characterization Project and Duvall’s Watershed Plan

This webinar explained what the Puget Sound Characterization Project is, how its watershed planning tools work and how they can be applied by users to assist in the management of watershed resources.

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