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Source Control Inspection Program Guidance Manual


The purpose of the Source Control (Business/Site) Inspection Program Guidance Manual is to support Permittees in achieving compliance with 2019-2024 NPDES Phase II permit requirements for the Source Control Program for Existing Development (S5.C.8 in the NPDES Phase II permit). 


The Washington Stormwater Center was awarded funding from the Stormwater Action Monitoring (SAM) to develop a guidance manual and trainings to assist Phase II stormwater permittees with meeting the source control (business/site) requirements described in S5.C.8 of the Western Washington National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Phase II Municipal Stormwater Permit (NPDES Phase II permit). 

Manual Topics

The Source Control (Business/Site) Inspection Program Guidance Manual provides resources, templates, and strategies developed based on research, input, and experiences of jurisdictions that have developed similar programs. Topics covered by this manual address the key source control program requirements included in the NPDES Phase II permit:  


NPDES Phase II Permit Requirement/Section  Guidance Manual Reference 
Definitions and Acronyms and all of S5.C.8  Chapter 1: Background and Regulatory Requirements 
Adopt Ordinance(s) for Source Control Program (S5.C.8.b.i)  Chapter 2: Developing Source Control Code/Ordinances and Enforcement Policies 
Establish Source Control Inventory (S5.C.8.b.ii)  Chapter 3: Source Control Inventory Development, Updates, and Prioritization 
Implement Inspection Program (S5.C.8.b.iii)  Chapter 4: Developing a Business/Site Inspection Program  

Chapter 5: Conducting Business/Site Inspections 

Chapter 6: Post-inspection Data Management and Recordkeeping 

Chapter 7: Education and Outreach Materials 

Implement Progressive Enforcement Policy (S5.C.8.b.iv)  Chapter 2: Developing Source Control Code/Ordinances and Enforcement Policies 
Train Staff (S5.C.8.b.v)  Chapter 8: Training  

Manual Schedule Graphic

Manual Schedule 

  • May 2022 – Content for Chapters 4-8 posted 
  • June 2022 – Supplemental education and outreach materials (Chapter 7) posted 
  • December 2022 – Supplemental training resources (Chapter 8) posted