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REPOST: Register for Tribal Treaty Rights & Local and State Government

Building Relationships: Tribal Treaty Rights & Local and State Government

October 27, 2021 


Explore Tribal treaty rights and the legal relationship between Tribes and state and local governments. This moderated session will have time for your questions!


Warren King George, Historian for the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe Preservation Department, collects and records oral history from Tribal and community members and works with government agencies, museums, colleges, and private parties to ensure Tribal treaty rights and Tribal cultural resources are protected and preserved. He will share his perspective on protecting and integrating Tribal cultural legacy, traditional knowledge, and cultural resources into contemporary project decision-making.

Joe Hovenkotter, Tribal Liaison for King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks, works to assure that the County honors Tribal treaty rights when it implements its programs and constructs projects. He will speak about legal relationships between Tribes and governments, and share his perspective on working with Tribes, government agencies, and institutions to ensure Tribal treaty rights are respected.


ASL and interpreter services are available upon request. For any questions please contact John Brosnan, King County.