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Many entities and agencies throughout Washington State are tackling the problem of polluted stormwater runoff and solutions, and we work closely with them to ensure that our research and programs apply the most current information and use funding wisely and efficiently.

We rely heavily on the following partners to bring you the most current and state of the art stormwater research and Clean Water Act Permit Assistance.

At the Washington Stormwater Center (WSC) our researchers work with a wide range of scientists from other universities, non-profit organizations, tribes, and agencies.
Affiliated Researchers

Puget Sound Initiative

Puget Sound is our nation’s second-largest marine estuary and a vital piece of our environment, culture, and economy. About two-thirds of the state’s population lives in the Puget Sound region. Puget Sound faces many challenges related to population growth and development, as well as habitat loss and multiple sources of pollution. The Washington Stormwater Center is a partner with the Department of Ecology, the Department of Commerce, and the Puget Sound Partnership to implement elements of the Puget Sound Action Agenda concerning stormwater pollution and its effect on water quality.  We are building lasting partnerships, working together, to restore, protect, and preserve the health of Puget Sound, now and for future generations.

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Research Partners

We could not work to find the effects of stormwater and potential solutions without the expertise of many organizations, including state, federal, and local government agencies, tribes, environmental consultants, and Universities.  Thank you to the following for your help to solve the problems of stormwater impacts.

Research Funders

We are honored to be recipients of grants and gifts from many funding organizations to keep moving forward in our work, both research and stormwater permit assistance, to explore and learn the extent to which stormwater affects aquatic ecosystems, our water supplies, and the economy.  We would like to thank these organizations for their past, current, and on-going support to keep Washington’s waters clean and healthy.