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ROAD MAP (Regional Operations and Maintenance Program)
To address requirements in the permit related to municipal operations and maintenance (O&M) activities, as well as collaboration between permittees, a regional coordination program was developed in July of 2007. ROAD MAP (Regional Operations and Maintenance Program) was created to serve as a forum for identifying, discussing, and developing strategies for implementing O&M-related permit requirements. Local jurisdictions were invited to participate in a series of meetings and to serve on committees dealing with various permit elements.

Meetings are held on a quarterly basis. check our calendar for time and location.
Contact: Brian Miller, City of Newcastle Laurie Larson, Washington Stormwater Center




ROAD Map Jan. 21, 2021 Meeting: Porous Pavement Research, Operation & Maintenance 

Ani Jayakaran, WSU
Paul Marrinan, PE City of Puyallup 
Steve KarlinTriverus 

Spill Response Equipment, Tools, and Training presented at the ROAD Map Oct. 21, 2020 meeting by:

Equipment and Tools: Scott McQuary, City of Redmond

Staff Training: Tanya MacFarlane, City of Bellevue

Recordkeeping: Ryean-Marie Tuomisto, City of Kirkland