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  • Nearly complete permeable paver installation

    Within an hour's time, this entire parking area was laid by one crew.

  • Straight stacking speeds installation

    To speed up the installation process, the stacks of pavers must be stacked straight, with limited shifting to keep the pavers tight together, and therefore easier for the machine to lift.

  • Tapping pavers into place

    To ensure a close fit, pavers are tapped together after being laid in groups.

  • Speedy installation

    Using a machine such as this, one crew could potentially install an 8,000 to 10,000 square foot paver section in one work day.

  • Laying pavers

    While the pavers are positioned by this machine they are guided into place with assistance to ensure the locking edges mate.

  • Mechanical assistance laying pavers

    This machine has a special attachment used to pick up and place a group of 24 pavers at a time.

  • Installation of a permeable paver parking area

  • Bedding course application

    Finishing off the bedding course aggregate application for a permeable paver installation.

  • Guide rails removed, spaces filled in

    The guide rails were removed, and the spaces filled in with additional bedding course aggregate during this permeable paver installation.

  • Permeable paver aggregate layers exposed

    In this staged installation, the subbase reservoir (1.5-3" open-graded), base reservoir (0.5-1.5" open-graded), and bedding course (0.375-0.5", ASTM No.8) layers can each be identified.

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