The Puget Sound Stormwater Infrastructure Framework

The Puget Sound Stormwater Infrastructure Framework Project (the Framework) defined common stormwater features using a standardized vocabulary organized into a hierarchical structure. The original work was done under a Washington Department of Ecology grant involving the participation of thirty-six municipalities within the Puget Sound Region.

Since the expiration of the grant, King County has been using the Stormwater Infrastructure Framework and has both supplemented the documents and developed new tools to address the needs of its mapping program. King County’s edited Framework documents and tools are available on the Framework Implementation Resources page. The products developed under the grant and a summary of the grant project are available at the Framework Resources Archives page.

The Framework project committee collaborated to create valuable products. Some next steps could include:

  • Expand Framework terms and definitions to better represent regional infrastructure.
  • Solicit and provide feedback on municipal submittals to the Framework Implementation Resources page.
  • Establish a set of common data standards that could serve as the basis for a continuous, regional stormwater flow web map.
  • Set up an online forum with tools to advance the project.
  • Convene regular meetings to vet terms and tools.

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