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Stormwater Advisory Group

The Washington Stormwater Center is honored to have a new Stormwater Advisory Group in 2020. When the WSC was formed in 2010, it hosted a term-limited advisory group to help us get started with our legislative mandates.  That group advised us regarding stakeholders, opportunities, core functions, and audience needs.

Now that the Center is 10 years into its growth, we recognize that a new Advisory Group is necessary as we conduct a retrospective analysis and look forward to evaluating opportunities, constraints, new partnerships, and changes in funding tools.

The advisory group members are as follows and will serve in this capacity through 2021:

Abby Barnes, Washington State Department of Natural Resources

Catherine Gockel, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 10

Doug Navetski, King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks

Eli Mackiewicz, City of Bellingham

Jana Crawford, Washington State Department of Transportation

Jason Sullivan, City of Bonney Lake

Jay Davis, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Karen Dinicola, Washington State Department of Ecology

Kelly Garber, SSA Marine

Larry Schaffner, Thurston County

Lori Blair, The Boeing Company

Michelle Chow, Washington Environmental Council

Mike Martinez, NW Indian Fisheries Commission

Shilo Sprouse, City of Pullman

Steve Roberge, Washington State Department of Commerce