Stormwater Guidance & Training for Your Business

As part of our resource program for permittees, Washington Stormwater Center compiles information and sources for training videos, materials, and workshops for your reference. We also develop training materials to help fill the gaps.

We have some great on-demand electronic training resources,included on these sites are some videos, self-paced modules, and download-able literature.

Washington Stormwater Center Training Materials

Developed by Washington Stormwater Center, each set of training materials is geared toward a specific element of the stormwater permits. We work to address gaps in available training, and to respond to upcoming changes or new elements of the stormwater permits by developing guides, videos, example documents, and more.

Current Training Modules include:

Future Training Modules: Please check back

Business Resource Training Videos:

Stormwater Sampling Techniques

Stormwater Source Tracing and Evaluation:

The Washington Stormwater Center is always on the lookout for new, helpful guidance for your business.  Our file library is an extensive compilation of documents for all types of businesses and industries - from restaurants trying to properly dispose of cooking oils and grease, to Industrial Stormwater Permittees who want to learn the benefits of sweeping their yards.

To access our library from our home page, just use the search box to enter a keyword.  The search will provide a selection of our documents.

Don't see something you need?  Contact us and we'll research it for you.

Know of something you want to share?  Contact us and we'll add it to our library.


Quick Links:

Check our events calendar for local upcoming workshops and online webcast opportunities or our provider directory for service providers.

Want to collaborate with Washington Stormwater Center on a training program? Contact us.

EPA Stormwater Webcasts

The US EPA NPDES Permitting program offers d webcasts to explain the regulatory framework and technical considerations of the NPDES Permit program. These presentations are designed for permit writers, dischargers, EPA officials, and other interested parties. Check the EPA website for the most recent webcast, or view one of the many archived webcasts on topics such as:

  • Stormwater Construction
  • Public Education and Public Involvement
  • Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping
  • Post-Construction
  • Illicit Discharge Detection & Elimination
  • Green Infrastructure
  • Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO)
  • General NPDES topics
  • Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSO)

By: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
When: various, on-demand
EPA Website

EPA Watershed Academy

This web site offers several on-demand training modules that cover a basic introduction to watershed management. Modules range from ½ hour to 2 hours to complete. Training information is grouped into six categories:

  • Watershed Ecology
  • Watershed Change
  • Analysis and Planning
  • Management Practices
  • Community/Social/Water Law
By: Environmental Protection Agency
When: on-demand
EPA Watershed Academy website