Washington Stormwater Center
2013 Stormwater Treatment Engineering Workshop
Friday April 5, 2013
8:30 am to 5:00 pm
University of Washington Tacoma
Tacoma, WA

The Washington Stormwater Center held its Stormwater Treatment Engineering Workshop on April 5, 2013 at the University of Washington Tacoma (Tacoma, WA). Approximately 70 stormwater professionals attended the event, including members of the Board of External Reviewers (BER) and Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG), as well as other regional and national stormwater experts. The workshop focused on manufactured treatment devices and traditional “land-based” treatment BMPs.

Final Agenda

Sessions and presentations:

WelcomeDr. Joel Baker and Dr. John Stark: co-directors, Washington Stormwater Center

Overview of Washington Stormwater Center and the TAPE program
Kurt Marx, Emerging Technology Coordinator, Washington Stormwater Center

Current status and needs for stormwater treatment – industrial, municipal, transportation

Industrial stormwater treatment needs

Lisa Rozmyn, Business Resource Program Manager, Washington Stormwater Center

Stormwater treatment status and needs from the viewpoint of one municipality

Doug Hutchinson, Stormwater Monitoring Lead, Seattle Public Utilities

“Automobile habitat” - The Stormwater Working Group, Highway and Roads Subgroup. Mark Maurer, PLA, PE. Highway Runoff Program Manager, Washington State Department of Transportation.

Link to SWG Roads and Highways sub-group

Maintenance of stormwater treatment systems

A Comparison of Maintenance Cost, Labor Demands, and System Performance for LID and Conventional Stormwater Management

Tim A. Puls. Site facility manager, University of New Hampshire Stormwater Center.

ODOT’s treatment device maintainability protocol and testing facility

John Lenth, Water Practice Director at Herrera Environmental Consultants

Treatment systems examples: engineering and performance

The Media Filter Drain
Alan D. Black, PE, CPESC, CPSWQ. HNTB/WSDOT Northwest Region Eastside Corridor Program

Performance and Design of Subsurface Gravel Wetlands and Manufactured Stormwater Control Measures

James Houle, MA, CPSWQ. Program manager, University of New Hampshire Stormwater Center.

“What’s down the road?”

Evaluation and selection of biofiltration media

Robert Pitt, Ph.D., PE. University of Alabama

Increased regulations and the need to treat emerging contaminants (with a focus on metals and PAH’s)

Andy James, PE, Ph.D. University of Washington Tacoma – Center for Urban Waters - A summary of stormwater characterization based on recent sampling conducted by Washington State’s NPDES Phase I permittees, focusing on PAH’s, pesticides, and metals concentrations for 20 residential, commercial, and industrial basins.

Jenifer McIntyre, Ph.D. WSU Puyallup Research & Extension Center – Stormwater ProgramRecent preliminary toxicity and PAH testing on urban highway runoff.

How treatment BMP performance affects water quality

A Framework for Linking BMP Performance to Receiving Water Quality including Uncertainty

Larry Roesner, PE, Ph.D. Colorado State University, Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Working toward a national verification/certification program.

Evaluating Manufactured Treatment Devices for Treatment of Stormwater in Virginia
David J. Sample, PE, Ph.D. Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist, Department of Biological Systems Engineering, Virginia Tech.

Treatment Device Testing Protocols in the Garden State: Current Status of Laboratory Testing and Field Longevity Monitoring

Ryan Janoch, PE., TerraPhase Engineering and Chris French, Filterra Bioretention Systems (SWEMA Members).

PANEL DISCUSSION – Should we establish a national certification/verification program?  Facilitated by Dr. Joel Baker.


Seth Brown, PE. Stormwater Program and Policy Manager. Water Environment Federation: Breaking Down Barriers to Innovation in the Stormwater Sector:  An Investigation of a National Stormwater Product Testing and Evaluation Program

Chris French, Filterrra Bioretention Systems (representing SWEMA)

Jim Lenhart, PE. D. WRE. Stormwater Northwest LLC.

Tom Stevens, NSF International

September 17, 2010 memorandum - National Stormwater Technology Evaluation Teleconference held on August 20, 2010.