Stormwater U

Stormwater U will be a new web resource from the Washington Stormwater Center (WSC). As it develops over the next year, it will house a wide variety of information, including technical resources and stormwater management information, and issues of interest to NPDES permittees. Through initial funding from the Bullitt Foundation, the WSC has developed this pilot online learning module.This module will be a learning framework filled with background documents, resources and guidance.

Training and Education

  • Materials from A Future for Stormwater Management in Puget Sound

    January 31, 2018 Training Forum

    A Winter Training and Education Forum learning the intersections between stormwater, salmon recovery, and urban growth at a participatory workshop highlighting applicable tools.


    A Future for Stormwater Management in Puget Sound was a pilot project funded through the Bullitt Foundation as part of their commitment to transform the “Emerald Corridor” into a global model of urban sustainability. The Washington Stormwater Center (WSC), along with its regional advisory team of agencies, jurisdictions and practitioners, hosted a targeted winter training forum on the complex challenge of meeting growth management and stormwater goals while restoring salmon habitat. The purpose of the forum was to work through discussions, charrettes and resources addressing urban problems and three root causes: increases in toxic and eroding stormwater runoff, urban sprawl encroaching on healthy natural spaces, and the decline of healthy salmon populations. A new section of the WSC website entitled “Stormwater U” will showcase strategies that guide this effort, resources, and relevant materials to prep for the forum. These resources, videos, webinars, case studies, and more are available on the Washington Stormwater Center's Stormwater U webpage.


    Presentations | Youtube Playlist

    1. The Future of Stormwater Management (Michael Rylko, U.S. EPA)
      Presentation (ppt) | Video
    2. Growth and Development (Erika Harris, Puget Sound Regional Council )
      Presentation (ppt) | Video
    3. Salmon Recovery and Stormwater (Val Streeter, Tulalip Tribes)
      Presentation (ppt) | Video
    4. Stormwater Management (Angela Gallardo and Jenifer Lawrence, Kitsap County)
      Presentation (ppt) | Video
    5. Environmental Justice (Mary Rabourn, King County)
      Presentation (ppt) | Video
    6. Climate Change (Guillaume Mauger, University of Washington Climate Impacts Group)
      Presentation (ppt) | Video
    7. How It Can Work (Andy Rheaume and Gary Schimek, City of Redmond)
      Presentation (ppt) | Video
    8. Stormwater Control Transfer Program (Dan Gariepy, Washington State Department of Ecology)
      Presentation (ppt) | Video
    9. Puget Sound Characterization Study (Stephen Stanley, Washington State Department of Ecology)
      Presentation (ppt) | Video
    10. Building Cities in the Rain (Heather Ballash, Washington State Department of Commerce)
      Presentation (ppt) | Video
    11. Shift & Change (Peg Staehli, MIG/SvR)
      Presentation (ppt) | Video

Tools and Resources

This pilot module for the new Stormwater U will contain resources, projects, information, technical resources and cross-cutting issues relating to the three topics under study: stormwater management, urban growth and development, and salmon recovery.

If you have materials for us to consider that would be of value to other stormwater permittees, please contact Tanyalee Erwin (

Stormwater Projects

Issues of Interest