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Synthesis of Street Sweeping Research & Practices: Guiding Program Development & Implementation

The Washington State Department of Ecology writes and releases permits and manuals that inform and regulate stormwater management across the state. Street sweeping is a stormwater source control best management practice (BMP) already utilized by many municipalities and districts, and upcoming Phase I and Phase II MS4 permit cycles are anticipated to increase requirements surrounding street sweeping.

This project will assist in the development of a guidance manual that will provide information and tools Permittees can use to assist with developing and/or improving their street sweeping program. This effort is timed to support Permittees with meeting the anticipated 2024-2029 Municipal Separate Storm Sewer (MS4) Permit requirements, enabling these Permittees to implement a street sweeping program by July 1, 2027.


Please complete the survey by May 17, 2024, by 5 PM PST

  • Final Manual Outline (7/1/24)

Draft Chapters for Public Review

  • Chapter 1 (Draft available 7/1/24)
  • Chapter 2 (Draft available 7/1/24)
  • Chapter 3 (Draft available 7/1/24)
  • Chapter 4 (Draft available 9/2/24)
  • Chapter 5 (Draft available 9/2/24)
  • Chapter 6 (Draft available 9/2/24)
  • Chapter 7 (Draft available 11/18/24)
  • Chapter 8 (Draft available 11/18/24)
  • Chapter 9 (Draft available 11/18/24)

  • Draft Completed Manual (4/8/25)
  • Final Published Manual (6/30/25)

Manual Training

An online training program that provides an overview of the manual content and guidance on how to use the manual.

  • Draft Training Outline (1/31/25)
  • Final Training Outline (3/3/25)
  • Draft Training Curriculum (3/10/25)
  • Final Training Curriculum (5/1/25)
  • Training Recording (5/19/25)

Project Additional Deliverables

  • Manual Factsheet (6/30/25)
  • Case Studies (TBD)

*This project is funded by the Washington State Department of Ecology