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Technical Assistance Available for Stormwater Parks

Stormwater parks are an important strategy for improving the health of Puget Sound and its residents.  
Through funding from the Puget Sound National Estuary Program1, PSRC is offering consultant technical assistance for the early planning of four new stormwater parks (one in each central Puget Sound county). For this project, stormwater parks are defined as regional stormwater retrofit facilities with recreational opportunities (play areas, trails, etc.). 
Information on the opportunity, eligibility, selection criteria, and how to apply is provided in this downloadable PDFThe deadline is September 15, 2021. Please share this opportunity with your networks.  
PSRC’s Stormwater Parks webpage includes information and lessons learned from the development of stormwater parks in the region. Contact Erika Harris at [email protected] with questions and for assistance in identifying potential locations for new stormwater parks.