Municipal Technical Tools

Illicit Connection and Illicit Discharge (IDDE) Field Screening and Source Tracing Guidance Manual

This manual was developed to serve as guidance for municipalities in Washington that perform field screening and source tracing to address illicit discharge detection and elimination (IDDE) program requirements in the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase I and Phase II Municipal Stormwater Permit.

Regional Decant Facility Project

A grant from the Washington State Department of Ecology funded the production of tools to help owners and users of decant facilities. These tools are intended to promote the opening of more decant facilities to external use so that more public and private haulers can realize the efficiencies and reduced costs of decreased travel times from clean-out to decant, along with reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

LID O&M Guidance Document (Western Washington)

This document provides guidance on procedures, equipment and materials, skills, and staffing for LID facility maintenance as well as administrative tools and guidance for implementing LID O&M programs.

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Operations and maintenance issues are frequently cited as the most pressing issues related to LID installations.

Standardized Mapping Framework Project

The Washington State Department of Ecology provided funding for the first step in creating a framework for stormwater system mapping that would support a regional stormwater system map and inventory.

Caffeine Testing

Caffeine is one of the many indicators of non-point pollution in stormwater. The California Microbial Source Identification Manual is a new resource that describes a tiered approach using simpler (eg, CCTV, dyes) to more expensive yet definitive (eg, validated genetic markers) methods for source tracking, which apply to various types of discharges or receiving waters. These methods have been tested in multiple recent case studies throughout Southern California, resulting in some very informative lessons learned.