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Guides and Resources

  • A Northwest Vision for 2040 Water Infrastructure

Innovation Pathways, Smarter Spending, Better Outcomes ~ The Evergreen State College, Center for Sustainable Infrastructure presents both a webinar and 60 page report on Water Supply, Waste Water, and Stormwater with a focus on integrated, resilient, sustainable, and affordable solutions.
  • Credit Valley Conservation

Green infrastructure retrofit guides for road rights-of-way, public and institutional lands, business properties, and residential lands. These guides can be found here:
They have also developed an accompanying construction guide:
  • Harvesting the Value of Water

Stormwater, Green Infrastructure, & Real Estate ~ (2017) Urban Land Institute: Center for Sustainability and Economic Performance presents an 84 page report with a focus on implications for private sector real  estate developers. This report brings together an analysis of the stormwater policy landscape and an introduction to a variety of real estate development projects that have responded to them. After outlining the reasons that stormwater management is important to cities, this report introduces a series of real estate case studies and a range of types of stormwater policies.
  • Green Infrastructure in Parks

Green infrastructure can help to maximize the environmental, economic, and social benefits of parks. This report includes recommendations on the types of projects that are most likely to attract positive attention and funding, and which provide a wide range of benefits. Green Infrastructure in Parks: A Guide to Collaboration, Funding, and Community Engagement (PDF)(28 pp, 12 MB, June 2017, 841-R-16-112) This guide is intended to encourage partnerships between park agencies and stormwater agencies aimed at promoting the use of green infrastructure on park lands.
  • University of connecticut rain garden app

The University of Connecticut created a rain garden app to inform the public on how to install and maintain rain gardens and what the best plants are.This app is being expanded to include several other states, and Washington is one of them. Keep your eye on this app for new information tailored for the needs of Western Washington. For more information, visit the University of Connecticut Rain Garden App Website.

Potential Funding Opportunities

The federal funding opportunities listed below may be worth looking into for your green infrastructure project.