Western Washington municipal stormwater resources

Western Washington 2019-2024 Phase II Permit Compliance

Western Washington MS4 Phase II 2019-2024 Permit Compliance table: the following compliance tables were created by Phase II permittees. They are being shared by the creating permittee for other permittees use as a template for your programs.

The intent for sharing these templates is to aid in:

· Communicating stormwater permit obligations among department management, staff, decision makers and programs,

· Identify resource and staffing needs,

· Assigning roles and responsibilities among departments and staff,

· Developing work programs and budgets,

· Tracking permit compliance, and

· Generating annual reporting assignments


Each jurisdiction may need jurisdiction-specific adjustments/customizations (e.g., monitoring option selected, monitoring for SW WA permittees, secondary permittees, details on TMLD requirements, etc.)

City of Battle Ground

City of Newcastle

Thurston County & Gig Harbor

Ecology Provided Timetable:

Ecology Western WA Permits Overview of Permit Timelines

SMAP Reference Documents

SMAP Guidance document package created by the City of Poulsbo (based New Castel and Battle Ground compliance sheets) to distribute to their SMAP team members. This package contains an excel Permit Implementation Schedule Tracking sheet that includes “prep work” to the schedule ahead of each SMAP due date. The prep dates are an arbitrary estimate included as a visual reminder to help the team think about Planning ahead! 
* Each jurisdiction may need jurisdiction-specific adjustments/customizations.

Stormwater Management Manual For Western Washington

Western Washington Stormwater Groups

ROAD MAP (Regional Operations and Maintenance Program)
To address requirements in the permit related to municipal operations and maintenance (O&M) activities, as well as collaboration between permittees, a regional coordination program was developed in July of 2007. ROAD MAP (Regional Operations and Maintenance Program) was created to serve as a forum for identifying, discussing, and developing strategies for implementing O&M-related permit requirements. Local jurisdictions were invited to participate in a series of meetings and to serve on committees dealing with various permit elements.

Meetings are held on a quarterly basis. check our calendar for time and location.

Head over to Stormwater Careers to see current job openings.

Contact: Audrie Starsy, City of Newcastle Laurie Larson, Washington Stormwater Center

Central NPDES Permit Coordinators Forum
Information sharing and networking covering a wide-range of permit-related topics with various attendees including Western, Northwestern, and Southwest Washington Permittees.

Contact: Rachel Konrady, City of Kirkland and Leah Uhl, City of Woodinville 
Administrative Support: Laurie Larson, Washington Stormwater Center

Southwest Washington Coordinators Forum
Information sharing and networking covering a wide-range of permit-related topics in Southwest Washington (primarily communities from Aberdeen to Washougal).
Meeting Schedule 2019:

Contact: Rod Swanson, Clark County

West Sound Stormwater Manager's Coordination Group
Phase II permit compliance and related topics (primarily in West Sound communities on the Kitsap Peninsula).

Contact: Anja Hart, City of Poulsbo

STORM (Stormwater Outreach for Regional Municipalities)
STORM is a coalition of 81 Western Washington cities and counties that have worked together since 2007 to achieve our NPDES Stormwater permit obligations. By working together, our region-wide and local stormwater outreach efforts are more effective, consistent, and cost efficient.

STORM Holds Quarterly Meetings

Contact: Mary Eidmann, STORM Coordinator

South Sound Phase II Coordinator's Group
Pierce County, City of Tacoma and neighboring Phase II permittees meet bi-monthly to share Public Education and Outreach resources and NPDES compliance related topics and information.

Contact: Co-coordinators Paul Marrinan, City of Puyallup, Kurt Fremont, City of Tacoma, and Laurie Larson, Washington Stormwater Center

North Sound Coordinators Forum
Information sharing and networking covering a wide range of permit-related topics (primarily Snohomish County communities).
Contact: Brooke Ensor (360-363-8288), City of Marysville NPDES Coordinator

APWA Stormwater Managers Committee
Topics cover stormwater research, regulatory perspectives (federal, state, and local), as well as strategies for stormwater program management. There is time for in-depth discussions of key water quality issues. Participation is open to all stormwater professionals.

Meetings are held the third Friday of odd numbered months from 9AM - 3PM.

Maureen Meehan (Co-Chair)   253-798-6793
Craig Buitrago (Co-Chair)   253-394-3639
Amanda Barnett (APWA Committee Liaison)   917-445-7623
Scott Kindred (APWA State Conference Coordinator)   2016-660-5417

Business Inspection Group (BIG)

Is a regional business Inspection Group that meets via Web-Ex to share information and collaborate on topics surrounding source control business inspections and the new permit requirements.

Contact: Co-coordinators Susan McCleary, City of Olympia, Laurie Larson, Washington Stormwater Center, and Jeremy Graham, City of Olympia