Municipal Resource Program

The Municipal Resource Program provides information, fosters collaboration, and offers guidance on new permit requirements and stormwater management solutions.

Business Resource Program

Second in our series of Innovative BMP Videos: Watch this video about this inexpensive, innovative and effective treatment device invented at the Port of Seattle!

Low Impact Development Program

WSU-Puyallup hosts a leading-edge LID research facility including porous parking lots, soil mesocosms, and an artificial storm system. The soil mesocosms are pictured above. Read more.

Emerging Technologies - TAPE

We partner with the Department of Ecology to certify new stormwater treatment devices for use use in Washington State, as well as foster the development and use of new stormwater technologies.

Washington State Municipal Stormwater Conference

Stay tuned for the Washington State Municipal Stormwater Conference in Eastern Washington!

Stormwater Channel

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upcoming events

This list of stormwater-related events and workshops is compiled as a free service. Washington Stormwater Center does not promote, endorse, or otherwise recommend any of the companies, individuals, or organizations presented here.

The Washington Stormwater Center in the News!

Check out this article from the News Tribune about the upgrade to 8th Avenue in Puyallap and this article from the Daily Evergreen about an exciting new project with Boeing.

Photovoice: Tell your watershed story through your images

PhotoVoice is an empowering and innovative way to engage you as a community member by capturing and recording your life experiences and sense of community through photography and stories.

Read more on how to participate in this project!


Statewide LID Training – Now available!

In 2015-2016, the Washington State Department of Ecology will host a series of  technical trainings on multiple LID topics throughout the state. Trainings are going to be offered at three levels: Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced.

New Webinars and Videos

Private Stormwater Facilities: Inspections, Partnerships and Assuming the Work: Lessons and advice for successful stormwater facilities and maintenance on private property.

LID Permeable Pavements:
The first webinar provided an overview into the use of permeable pavements while the second focused on maintenance.

The Lunchtime Series: Webinars for Municipalities
This series of webinars discuss many aspects of stormwater management and permits for municipalities all over Washington State.

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