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About Us

The Washington Stormwater Center is a collaboration between Washington State University and University of Washington. Our mission is to provide stormwater management solutions and leadership through research, training, and education.

At the Washington Stormwater Center, we envision a future where communities are knowledgeable about stormwater research and apply planning and tools to minimize flooding, protect clean water, and promote thriving ecosystems.

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Our History

In 2009, the Washington Legislature created the Washington Stormwater Center. Several Washington State businesses and organizations came together to ask the legislature for a non-regulatory source for assistance to help them comply with Department of Ecology issued stormwater management permits.

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Staff Directory

Contact information for our staff and WSU research scientists working on stormwater issues

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Stormwater Advisory Group

The Stormwater Advisory Group (SAG) works to inform action regarding stakeholders, opportunities, core functions, and audience needs.

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19-21 Biennial Work Plan

We are currently working on our 2019-2021 Biennial Work Plan. We created this draft with input from the WA Department of Ecology and our Stormwater Advisory Group. Contact us if you have any questions about our plan.

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The important work we do at the Washington Stormwater Center could not be done without partnerships with a variety of collaborators and funders. We rely on these partnerships in all of our programs and aspects of our work.

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Puget Sound Recovery

In our Puget Sound work, we collaborate with a wide range of state and federal agencies (led by the Puget Sound Partnership), universities, non-profits, and community groups in the course of this work. With habitat and shellfish teams, the Stormwater Initiative Lead provides a roadmap for how to effectively address stormwater problems in the 12-county Puget Sound Region.

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