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Our History

Our mandate can be found in RCW 90.48 Water Pollution Control Act

RCW 90.48.545

Stormwater technical resource center—Duties—Advisory committee—Report to legislative committees.

(1) As funding to do so becomes available, the department shall create a stormwater technical resource center in partnership with a university, nonprofit organization, or other public or private entity to provide tools for stormwater management. The center shall use its authority to support the duties listed in this subsection through research, development, technology demonstration, technology transfer, education, outreach, recognition, and training programs. The center may:
(a) Review and evaluate emerging stormwater technologies;
(b) Research and develop innovative and cost-effective technical solutions to remove pollutants from runoff and to reduce or eliminate stormwater discharges;
(c) Conduct pilot projects to test technical solutions;
(d) Serve as a clearinghouse and outreach center for information on stormwater technology;
(e) Assist in the development of stormwater control methods to better protect water quality, including source control, product substitution, pollution prevention, and stormwater treatment;
(f) Coordinate with federal, state, and local agencies and private organizations in administering programs related to stormwater control measures; and
(g) Collaborate with existing stormwater outreach programs.
(2) The department shall consult with an advisory committee in the development of the stormwater technical resource center. The advisory committee must include representatives from relevant state agencies, local governments, the business community, the environmental community, tribes, and the building and development industry.
(3) The department, in consultation with the stormwater technical resource center advisory committee, shall identify a funding strategy for funding the stormwater technical resource center.
(4) The department shall encourage all interested parties to help and support the technical resource center with in-kind services.
(5) The department and other partners in the center shall in even-numbered years inform the appropriate legislative committees of the progress made in achieving the objectives of this section.