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Stormwater Technologies

New and emerging technologies are revolutionizing stormwater management across the nation, and bringing new energy and hope to a critical challenge.

Washington Stormwater Center provides a gateway to research and information about new, innovative, and emerging technologies. Our Emerging Technologies Program focuses on three main areas of assistance and research.

Explore Stormwater Technologies…

TAPE Certification

The Technology Assessment Protocol – Ecology (TAPE) certification program is the Washington State Department of Ecology’s process for evaluating and approving emerging stormwater treatment BMP’s.

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Functionally Equivalent BMPs

Not every stormwater BMP or device that Ecology approves for use must go through the TAPE program. Functionally equivalent BMPs or devices meet many requirements in the Stormwater Management Manuals.

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Emerging Stormwater Technologies

We foster the development and use of new stormwater technologies. Whether your technology is a candidate for TAPE, could be considered equivalent to an existing construction BMP, or is a solution to reduce or eliminate storm water pollutants, we can help.

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TAPE Projects