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    Research, training, and education

    How Stormwater Is Impacting You Today

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    Navigating the permitting process

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  • Low Impact Development

    Reduce the impacts of stormwater

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  • Research is vital

    Stormwater practices are influenced by our new discoveries

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We provide stormwater leadership through research, training, and education.

We envision a future where communities are knowledgeable about stormwater research and apply planning and tools to minimize flooding, protect clean water, and promote thriving ecosystems.

 MuniCon 2021 — Presentations Now Live

Whether you attended the conference live or weren’t able to make it this year, we’re excited to tell you that all the great content from Municon 2021 is now available on our YouTube channel and the Municon 2021 page!

Latest Research and News

Spanish Translations and HEAL

This spring the Washington State Legislature passed what’s appropriately called the Healthy Environment for All or “HEAL” Act, and the…

Technical Assistance Available for Stormwater Parks

Stormwater parks are an important strategy for improving the health of Puget Sound and its residents.   Through funding from the Puget…