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    Research, training, and education

    How Stormwater Is Impacting You Today

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    Navigating the permitting process

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    Reduce the impacts of stormwater

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    Stormwater practices are influenced by our new discoveries

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We provide stormwater leadership through research, training, and education.

We envision a future where communities are knowledgeable about stormwater research and apply planning and tools to minimize flooding, protect clean water, and promote thriving ecosystems.

Municon 2021 was a success!

As with most conferences, there are many people to recognize for helping make this conference possible—from the Washington Department of Ecology (our funder) to the partners, advisors, presenters, inspirational speakers, and sponsors who have had a large role in putting together this statewide conference. Thank you to everyone who helped make Municon 2021 a success.

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Latest Research and News

New planning tool from the WRF

The Water Research Foundation (WRF) released the CLASIC tool, which utilizes a life cycle cost framework to support feasibility and planning…

Searchable Database for NEP Projects

Looking for what stormwater projects are being put on the ground under EPA’s National Estuary Program? Look no further! The…