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E&O Blog: Information and Opportunities – June 2023

As a result of the WSC’s recent E&O Needs Survey sent out to our municipal stormwater permittees across the state we know a little more about what’s needed in our educational efforts. Many thanks to those who replied to the survey. The first 3 topics we will address are 1) Source Control 2) Food Truck/Farmers Markets and 3) Illicit Discharge. As the WSC’s website has some good information on these topics, I wanted to share their links with you.

I will continue to address the needs we heard in the survey through this Blog in the months to come. My goal is to keep it short and useful. I welcome any suggestions.

1) Source Control Education and Outreach Materials. There is general information and E&O materials for automotive and Restaurant BMPs. Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese versions will be available on June 30, 2023.

Chapter 7: Education & Outreach – Washington Stormwater Center (

2) Food Truck/Farmers Markets – Pollution prevention videos in Spanish and English can be used to educate vendors on the methods used to mitigate pollution sources. The videos were developed with funding from Ecology and in partnership with the cities of Vancouver, Spokane, and Puyallup. This information is representative of both eastern and western Washington.

Just released is the Food Truck and Mobile Vendor Free Online Pollution Prevention Course.

The course is a free 35-minute course, including a quiz requiring a score of 80% to receive a certificate of completion. This course was developed in partnership with the cities of Puyallup and Spokane with the idea of asking vendors to take the course and provide a copy of the completion certificate with their vendor application for participation in city events.

3) Illicit Discharge information can be found at IC-ID – Washington Stormwater Center ( including a training workshop on the updated Manual and five new training videos on indicator tests, which have been added to the Washington Stormwater Center’s YouTube Channel.