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EPA, Tribal, State, and Local Leaders and Partners Celebrate 50th Anniversary of the Clean Water Act

Seattle, WA (August 5, 2022) – The Clean Water Act turns 50 this year and EPA’s Assistant Administrator for Water Radhika Fox is kicking off a nationwide 10-water tour to celebrate the vital role of clean water and Seattle’s leadership in protecting and preserving  Puget Sound. She will be joined by the Regional Administrator for EPA’s Pacific Northwest office, Casey Sixkiller, Washington Department of Ecology Director Laura Watson, Puget Sound Partnership Director Laura Blackmore, Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission Executive Director Justin Parker, Washington Stormwater Center Assistant Director Lisa Rozmyn, Salmon-Safe Puget Sound Director Ellen Southard, and The Nature Conservancy Puget Sound Conservation Director Jessie Israel, and other local leaders.

Five decades of Clean Water Act implementation have reduced direct pollution discharges to our nation’s waters and improved wastewater and stormwater infrastructure. As a result, rivers that were once on fire and water bodies that communities turned their backs on are now fishable and swimmable. This celebration of 50 years of action will also highlight partnerships across the federal, state, and local levels that will be critical to accelerating progress for clean water over the next 50 years.


  • EPA Assistant Administrator for Water, Radhika Fox
  • EPA Regional Administrator, Casey Sixkiller
  • Washington Department of Ecology Director, Laura Watson
  • Puget Sound Partnership Director, Laura Blackmore
  • Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission Executive Director, Justin Parker
  • Washington Stormwater Center Assistant Director, Lisa Rozmyn
  • Salmon-Safe Puget Sound Director, Ellen Southard
  • The Nature Conservancy Puget Sound Conservation Director, Jessie Israel


EPA is joined with its clean water partners in Seattle to celebrate work done to improve water quality in Puget Sound while laying the foundation for future progress.


Aurora Bridge Bioswale (detailed directions below)


Friday, August 5, 2022, 9:10 am


Suzanne Skadowski, EPA Public Affairs, 206-553-2160, [email protected]


Allow time for parking in the Fremont neighborhood.  Easiest paid parking is in front of Lake Washington Rowing Club.

Meet at spot #3 on the map:

Here’s a photo that shows where we will meet:

At the intersection of Troll Ave and N 34th St, there’s a ramp down to the parking area.  Head down this ramp, then take a left at the stop sign to park at the Lake Union Rowing Club, then meet us under the bridge at the bioswale- we’ll be towards the South.