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Local Road Stormwater Retrofit RFP Out- due November 9th

The Stormwater Strategic Initiative Lead Team (SIL) just announced its first RFP for local road stormwater retrofits. This work, a collaboration between Ecology, Commerce, and the Washington Stormwater Center has pivoted from project-level submissions to annual Investment Plan RFPs.

Transportation is a hot topic and is linked to both peril and opportunity. Roads are super-energetic pathways for pollution, harming aquatic species and people alike. 6PPD Q has been highlighted as a source of nearly immediate death for coho salmon.

However, WSDOT and regional/local transportation, planning, and water agencies have been very energetic about addressing transportation impacts through Green Stormwater Infrastructure, other source control methods, and working with their communities to address environmental justice and other critical issues. Ecology with its partners is working on a variety of tools and approaches to addressing 6PPDQ and 6PPD.

November 9th is the deadline for submission.

Stormwater SIL RFP for public road retrofit planning by local jurisdictions around Puget Sound:

· This Stormwater RFP Solicitation will be open for 6 weeks, applications are due November 9, 2022, by 11:59 pm PST.

· Stormwater has up to $2 million to award.

· Investment Priority is public road retrofits planning by Local Jurisdictions.

Eligible applicants include Native American Tribes; state, and local agencies; nonprofit organizations; private academic institutions; and public universities and colleges. Stormwater SIL Application Webinar October 18, 2022, from 10:00 to 11:00 am.

Questions? Please contact Heidi Siegelbaum