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State of the Sound Report

The Puget Sound Partnership recently released its State of the Sound Report

The Washington Stormwater Center, as part of the Stormwater Strategic Initiative Lead Team, participates on the Puget Sound Ecosystem Monitoring Program as well as supporting three Implementation Strategies: Toxics in Aquatic Species, BIBI, and Marine Water Quality. 

These strategies and the Team’s underlying work support the mission of Puget Sound recovery through scientific research and advice and developing strategic interventions and approaches to reduce stormwater pollution and connect stormwater with its health, economics, and municipal finance context. 

WSC also participates in the process by which projects are funded through EPA’s National Estuary Program. Many WSU projects are funded through this mechanism. 

The Water Quality section (p. 11) is where the Washington Stormwater Center and Stormwater Strategic Initiative Lead Team’s work is reflected.  

You can read more on the Puget Sound Estuary website about the Stormwater Strategic Initiative Lead Team and our partners in Habitat and Shellfish.

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