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WSC Revamps Industrial Assistance Program

The Washington Stormwater Center (WSC) is excited to announce the completion of an extensive redesign to the Industrial Permitting section of our website! Complying with stormwater regulations can be a daunting task for businesses and the WSC understands the challenges faced by industrial permit holders. We provide FREE services that support compliance and facilitate sustainable stormwater management for businesses across the state.

You can reach out to Brandon Boyd, WSC’s Industrial Stormwater Permit Lead for more information about the program and our resources and sign up for the ISGP Update to stay up to date on the latest news, resources, and training opportunities for industrial stormwater permittees.

The WSC is here to help businesses, no matter the size, with their stormwater permit in the following ways:


1. Non-Regulatory Support

Unlike regulatory agencies, the WSC is an organization with no enforcement or reporting duties. This distinction is crucial as it positions the WSC as a trusted partner and resource for businesses. Permit holders can seek guidance and support from the WSC without fear of reprisal, ensuring a safe environment for open discussions.

2. Resource Development and Reviews

Understanding the intricacies of stormwater management can be overwhelming for businesses. The WSC recognizes this challenge and takes a proactive approach by reviewing and developing resources to assist permittees. These resources provide practical solutions and guidance for businesses struggling with stormwater management at their facilities. By pointing permit holders to effective strategies and best management practices, the WSC empowers businesses to achieve compliance and reduce their environmental impact.

3. Neutral Third-Party Assistance

Privacy and anonymity are often important considerations for permit holders seeking assistance. The WSC can act as a neutral third party, establishing a confidential space for businesses to ask questions, seek guidance, and receive assistance anonymously. Permit holders can openly discuss their concerns, share challenges, and gain valuable insights without fear of repercussions. This approach fosters trust and encourages open communication, ultimately resulting in better stormwater management outcomes.

4. Collaboration

The WSC understands the significance of engaging stakeholders in decision-making processes. To ensure the services provided align with the needs of the Industrial audience, the WSC collaborates closely with a diverse Stormwater Advisory Group. This group consists of individuals and representatives from businesses, local and state agencies, and tribes. Their feedback and insights play a crucial role in shaping the WSC’s services and continuous improvement initiatives.

5. Continuous Updates and Improvements

Feedback from the Stormwater Advisory Group has been instrumental in driving a positive change within the WSC. Acknowledging the need to improve services for the industrial audience, the WSC has completely redesigned its website and continues to enhance the resources it provides. The commitment to ongoing improvement ensures that permit holders have access to up-to-date information, user-friendly tools, and relevant content that meets their unique needs.

This is just the beginning of The WSC’s improved offerings for the industrial audience. Bookmark our industrial permit page and stay tuned for new videos and virtual training sessions on the site in the coming months.