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WSC September 2023 E&O Blog

We are excited to share some new outreach documents with you! They were designed to address concerns about construction stormwater issues in eastern Washington. The documents were created collaboratively with the Eastern Washington Stormwater E&O Workgroup, the Washington Stormwater Center, and Evergreen StormH2O.

There are three specific audiences they were trying to reach.

1) A brochure for Planners, Engineers, and Review Staff.

2) A flip book for Contractors and Construction Crews.

3) A brochure for Developers – almost complete

They can be found on the Washington Stormwater Center’s Eastern Washington E&O Collaborative Workgroup webpage.

The documents were purposely designed to be fully editable allowing them to be used by all jurisdictions. The wording can be adjusted to fit local codes, local pictures can be added, and the contacts can be changed. The documents were created in Publisher for their simplicity, and there are instruction documents to assist with alterations.

The brochures have QR codes that provide access to additional information from Ecology’s Stormwater Manuals, both Eastern and Western. The flipbook provides QR codes for more information on specific EWA BMPs. A WWA version with appropriate QR codes may be created and vetted for release in the future.


On a side note: Do you know of the Volkswagen grant to help replace street sweepers? Considering the new permit requirements for street sweeping this might be of interest. The grant is due at the end of October.

Street Sweeper Replacement Grant

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