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E&O Blog: Information & Opportunities – August 2023

In our Blog this month we are happy to feature work funded and shared by Kings County and Mary Rabourn. With Lori Kothe from Poo Gooder, they have developed a fantastic collection of social media posts, graphics, and a calendar for Puget Sound Starts Here. Many parts of the collection could be used throughout the state, as topics have a commonality and the calendar can be adjusted for future years. If you have any questions reach out to Lori and get involved today!

Fresh Set of PSSH Social Media Graphics and Planning Calendars Ready for Use

By Lori Kothe

Need some fresh seasonal or theme-based content to share best management practices on social media? We’ve got you covered. A new Puget Sound Starts Here (PSSH) collection of ready-to-use social media graphics and reference calendars and messaging are now available for download and use. All images are in square format (1080×1080 pixels) for Instagram or Facebook, branded with the PSSH logo in the bottom right corner. You may add your region/org logo to another spot to co-brand the graphic if desired. They are organized into albums by best management practice:

• Home (Safer Choice, household hazardous waste, septic & drain care, FOG clogs)

• Yard (Natural Yard Care, Rain Gardens, Pesticide-free)

• Car (Car washing, tire care, car leaks, dirty oil disposal)

• Dog (scoop the poop, keep on a leash, leave no trace, trash don’t compost)

• Environment (storm drain care, be a forest or salmon steward, orca action, anything beyond your property)

For a shortcut to access the entire set of new high-res PSSH image Flickr albums, BOOKMARK THIS FLICKR LINK

These images correspond to a 2023 editorial calendar of selected notable dates and themes by month as well as a high-level PSSH content calendar with messaging and images that can be sorted, filtered, and exported via Airtable (an online database tool; no password is required to view). Content and messaging will continue to be added to the live Airtable files (links below) for reference, but feel free to reference and download any content and create your own post copy as relevant! Static Excel versions are also available for download below (last updated July 24).

PSSH Editorial Calendar of Notable Dates and Themes (2023):

View live Airtable sheet (grid view)

Download the Excel file (last updated July 24)

PSSH Content Calendar with Messaging and Images by BMP or Season (2023):

View live Airtable sheet (grid view)

View live Airtable sheet (gallery view)

Download the Excel file (last updated July 24)

Usage note: Puget Sound Starts Here branded graphics and videos have been prepped for social media using royalty-free images from Canva stock photos and other royalty-free sites, or with images by Lori Kothe, and may be used only in the context of prepped social media files. Please include #PugetSoundStartsHere and @pugetsoundstartshere when posting on social media. For questions or additions, please contact Mary Rabourn or Lori Kothe.

Please check out and join the Puget Sound Starts Here social channels and share your content with us!