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Do I Need an ISGP?

Every industrial facility’s stormwater situation is unique, and determining whether you need coverage under the Industrial Stormwater General Permit (ISGP) can be straightforward in some cases but confusing in others. 

Contact Travis Porter at The Department of Ecology with questions regarding your permit requirements.

*The information provided below should be used as a general guideline to understand who typically requires coverage under the ISGP, but it is essential to consult with the Department of Ecology to confirm your specific permit requirements and ensure compliance.

Who needs a permit:

In general, Ecology has identified facilities in need of an ISGP by the NAICs code they operate under. Facilities that operate under a NAICs code Identified in Table 1 of the Permit and discharge stormwater off of their property into waters of the state generally need coverage under the ISGP and should proceed to submit an NOI. Facilities that do not have processes that interact with stormwater may fill out a conditional no exposure form to demonstrate that stormwater doesn’t interact with potential pollutants on their site and that they are exempt from permit requirements.

 In some cases, Ecology may determine that a site operating under a different NAICs code has a high potential for stormwater pollution and may require an ISGP. In other cases, Ecology may determine that a facility has unique circumstances that require them to get an individual NPDES permit as opposed to the general permit. It is important to discuss the nuance of your site with Ecology to determine your permitting responsibility.