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ISGP: Monitoring Your Site

After you attain coverage under the ISGP, it is required that your site is actively monitored to ensure the SWPPP is being followed and compliance with the permit is being achieved.

This monitoring comes in the form of monthly site inspections performed by a qualified person, as well as quarterly water quality sampling.

Qualified Person

A “qualified person” must conduct the site inspections and sampling. Who is considered “qualified” and will be given these responsibilities at your site is determined by the permit holder, not Ecology or any other entity. This can be a hired consultant or someone within the company.

Skills for a Qualified Person
  • The ability to assess conditions and activities at the facility that may impact stormwater quality
  • The ability to evaluate the effectiveness of BMPs required by this permit for the specific facility and its unique operations
  • The familiarity with site operations and practices and sufficient authority to initiate actions detailed in the SWPPP if need be.


Sites are required to have a qualified person perform monthly visual site inspections. These inspections are to ensure that the site maps and the SWPPP reflect current conditions and that the BMPs outlined in the SWPPP are in place and functioning properly. Ecology has provided a site inspection template that you may modify for your site.  The inspection records should be kept onsite and made available to a regulator upon request


Sampling the stormwater that leaves a facility is a critical component in ensuring compliance with the permit requirements and maintaining the quality of the state’s water resources. The goal of sampling is to demonstrate that BMPs are effective at keeping the site in compliance with the water quality standards your site must meet. It is important to identify the proper sampling locations. Sampling is a complex process, but don’t worry, we walk you through all of it on our Sampling page.