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GSI Assistance Programs Guidebook

The Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) Assistance Programs Guidebook is a tool for managers, planners, and other agency staff to update or create a GSI Assistance Program. The guidebook reviews 17 Western Washington GSI Assistance Programs that use technical assistance and/or financial incentives to support GSI installations on private property. Staff from these programs were interviewed and their guidance for developing, implementing, and evaluating GSI Assistance Programs is collated into the guidebook.  

Download The GSI Assistance Programs Guidebook

The main elements covered in this guidebook include:  

  • An introduction to GSI Assistance Programs and overview of common GSI features 
  • Equity considerations in GSI Assistance Programs 
  • Guidance on developing, implementing, and evaluating a GSI Assistance Program 
  • One-page overviews of current GSI Assistance Programs in Western Washington 
  • Recommendations on next steps for program managers looking to create or update their GSI Assistance Program  

This guidebook was created by a STORM (Stormwater Outreach for Regional Municipalities) work group.