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WSC on YouTube

Did you know that the WSC has a YouTube channel with hundreds of videos covering all aspects of stormwater management and permitting in Washington state? The Washington Stormwater Center’s YouTube channel is your destination for all things related to protecting our waterways, expanding your stormwater knowledge, and promoting sustainable practices.

Why should you subscribe?

  • Extensive Video Library: With over 400 videos at your fingertips, our channel offers a wealth of educational content covering a wide range of topics in stormwater management. Regardless of your permit type or level of expertise, there’s something for everyone to explore and learn from.
  • Custom Playlists: Navigate through our vast collection of videos with ease, thanks to our meticulously curated playlists. With 65 custom playlists tailored to specific interests and needs, finding the content that matters most to you is easy.
  • Diverse Content: From instructional how-to videos to informative webinars and collaborative resources designed specifically for permittees, our channel offers a range of content to suit every learning style and preference.
  • Conference Archives: Gain access to archived content from four of our municipal stormwater conferences, featuring keynote presentations, panel discussions, and expert insights from leaders in the field. Stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends and best practices in the world of stormwater.
  • Full Video Training Series: Take advantage of our comprehensive video training series covering essential topics such as source control, construction stormwater management, Eastern WA permit compliance, and more. Whether you’re seeking to fulfill regulatory requirements or enhance your skills, our training series has you covered.

How to Subscribe:

Subscribing to the Washington Stormwater Center’s YouTube channel is easy! Simply visit our channel, hit the “Subscribe” button, click the bell icon to receive notifications when we publish new content and start exploring the wealth of information and resources waiting for you.