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Thank you for a successful MuniCon 2021!

After a year of seemingly endless updates, changes, postponements, pivots, and re-assessments, the Washington Stormwater Center is pleased that you can join us for the 2021 Washington State Municipal Stormwater Conference (MuniCon).

MuniCon 2021 was held on a virtual platform featuring 9 tracks with 60 live or recorded presentations including research, case studies, environmental justice, operations, and maintenance from stormwater managers across Washington. There were 3 Workshops focusing on IDDE, Stormwater Monitoring Action Planning (SMAP), and Education & Outreach. All presentations were recorded and will be added to the Washington Stormwater Center YouTube page on June I, 2021.

The April 5-7 Presentation Tracks featured presentations and panel discussions on 60 topics in 9 Topic Tracks by Municipal Permittees and SW Professionals across Washington State.
Three workshops focusing on IDDE/IC-ID Field Screening and Source Tracing Guidance were scheduled for April 8th.
For more information and resources please visit our IDDE/IC-ID page.


Keynote Speaker

Dr. Anu Taranath brings both passion and expertise to her work as a speaker, facilitator, author, and educator.

What does equity mean to the stormwater community? To serve all of our constituents well, we’ll need a framework to understand how our lives are both similar to and different from one another. We will speak about “overburdened and underserved” communities, ask questions about the implications of this framing, and learn how to grow our awareness to approach social and environmental justice. Join Dr. Anu for a lively conversation on how to bring a more intentional and thoughtful equity lens to our daily work. Please visit for more on Dr. Anu and her work.

Inspirational Speaker Day 2

 Vince McGowan leads the Water Quality Program at the Washington State Department of Ecology. He is a professional engineer with over twenty years of experience working in environmental regulation. He began his career as a consultant at a civil engineering firm then moved to Washington and started working in local government focused on stormwater management. He has spent the last ten years supporting water quality protection at Ecology. He took on the Water Quality Program Manager role in April of this year, after previously managing the permitting section within the program. 

Inspirational Speaker Day 3

 Dr. Jenifer McIntyre is an assistant professor of aquatic toxicology at the WSU School of the Environment. She is passionate about science that effects change. Her B.Sc. in environmental biology (Queen’s University, 1997) led to the ban of a pulp mill effluent used as a road dust suppressant. Her M.S. on contaminant bioaccumulation (UW, 2004) led the state Department of Health to issue a fish consumption advisory for Lake Washington. Her Ph.D. research on olfactory neurotoxicity of copper in coho salmon (UW, 2010) helped pass legislation in Washington and California that phases out metals in brake pads. Dr. McIntyre currently focuses on the ecotoxicology of urban stormwater runoff and the biological effectiveness of green stormwater infrastructure. 

While MuniCon 2021 is supported by grant partnerships, we rely on the generosity of our sponsors to help cover non-supported expenses. We’re so appreciative of our amazing sponsors at every level that help us make this conference a reality!


The Washington Stormwater Center recently concluded the 2021 Washington Statewide Municipal Stormwater Conference (MuniCon). The goal of this conference was to provide the Washington municipal stormwater community an opportunity to communicate, coordinate, and exchange approaches and tools for addressing priority issues and challenges faced by municipal stormwater permittees in Eastern and Western Washington. MuniCon 2021 took place April 5 – 8, 2021 as a virtual (web-based) conference.