Mar. 22, 2017 Water Environment Federation

Rally For Water

Rally for Water

Wednesday, March 22, 2017 | 10:30 am ET – 11:30 am ET
Upper Senate Park, US Capitol Grounds

The annual Rally for Water on the US Capitol Grounds, is the highlight event of Water Week 2017, and it represents the water sector’s unified show of force and grass roots unity, as we all focus lawmakers, and the nation, on the crucial issues that impact the sustainability of, and public access to, clean water in America.

Universally accepted the most important natural resource, yet often taken for granted, clean water must be continually elevated as a top governing priority, since many public affairs issues impact its continued viability nationwide. Recent crises, like the contamination disaster in Flint, Michigan, only underscore this point.

As water sector organizations, professionals, stakeholders and concerned citizens unite to draw attention to clean water, we invite you to join us, and add your voice to ours as we fight for a strong, sustainable clean water future.

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