Nov. 29, 2012 Statewide Low Impact Development Training Needs Assessment Survey

The Washington Stormwater Center at Washington State University (WSU) is conducting a statewide Low Impact Development Training Needs Assessment Survey to  a) determine familiarity with Low Impact Development (LID) principles and practices and b) identify training needs throughout Washington State.  Your help in completing this survey will inform the content and format of future LID trainings for stormwater management and ensure that these trainings address YOUR needs in meeting new state and local requirements for the use of LID. New municipal stormwater permits issued by the Washington State Department of Ecology to be implemented in the future, require LID to be used for new developments and redevelopment, unless site conditions are prohibitive. Low impact development (LID), also known as green stormwater infrastructure (GSI), is a stormwater management strategy that can improve flow control, water quality treatment and protection of receiving waters. LID emphasizes the use of existing natural site features integrated with distributed, small-scale stormwater controls to mimic natural drainage processes.

The survey can be completed on the internet. Once you access the survey link, there are instructions on how to obtain a unique access code number that you will need to start the online survey.  The survey is available via the web at: 

This survey is funded by the Washington State Department of Ecology and conducted by the Washington Stormwater Center. It should take no more than fifteen to twenty minutes to complete. Your participation in this survey is completely voluntary and the information you provide will be kept confidential.