Aug. 19, 2019 New Career Opportunities

Ecology's 'Wastewater Operator-in-Training' Program

Recently, Ecology announced awards for the top-performing wastewater treatment plants and their operators. This week, they are excited to announce new career opportunities are now available through our Operator-in-Training (OIT) program.

Because their work is so critical to the protection of public health and the environment, Ecology certifies wastewater treatment plant operators to help ensure they are knowledgeable and able to properly operate and maintain wastewater treatment plants. We certify operators based on wastewater operating experience, relevant experience, and education. Ecology is growing their operator certification training program by adding three new Operator in Training (OIT) Group Levels.

“Washington’s growing population creates a greater need for wastewater treatment every day. Talented and proficient plant operators are critical to meeting this challenge,” said Ecology Water Quality Program Manager Heather Bartlett. “There are jobs to be had, and we encourage people to go into this field to help serve the public and protect the environment.”

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