May. 21, 2015 Washington Department of Ecology --NEWS

Permit to help control mosquitoes now updated

OLYMPIA – Mosquitoes are the number one transmitter of diseases to people and animals worldwide. And spraying to control mosquitoes is an important tool that helps protect public health.

The Washington Department of Ecology has updated and re-issued a water quality permit that allows the use of pesticides to control mosquitoes in and near water.

With the permit, mosquito control districts, local governments and commercial applicators can legally spray to control larvae and adult mosquitoes. The permit protects water quality and allows spraying for nuisance and disease-carrying mosquitoes.

Washington State Department of Health supports efforts to control mosquitoes as a disease prevention and public health protection measure.

As part of the process to update the permit, Ecology held public workshops in April. More details about the permit and the review process are available on Ecology’s website.