Nov. 18, 2015 Washington Department of Ecology --NEWS

Announcing the Reissuance of the Construction Stormwater General Permit

The Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology) issued the Construction Stormwater NPDES and State Waste General Permit (CSWGP) on November 18, 2015. The permit will be effective on January 1, 2016, and expires December 31, 2020.

Public Notice Process and Response to Comments
The draft CSWGP, fact sheet, and application were available for review and public comment from July 1 through August 10, 2015. Ecology held six information workshops and one public hearing on the draft permit. Ecology received 26 public comment letters and one person provided oral testimony. Ecology responded to public comments in Appendix D of the Fact Sheet, the Response to Public Comments on the Draft Permit. You may download this document from Ecology’s CSWGP website:

Requesting Copies of the CSWGP and Other Documents
You may download copies of the Final CSWGP, Response to Comments, and other CSWGP-related documents from the Ecology’s CSWGP website:
. You may request hardcopies of the documents from Dena Jaskar at or (360) 407-6401.

Applying for Coverage under the CSWGP
Construction operations that reapplied for permit coverage in 2015 are covered under the new CSWGP. New or unpermitted construction operations may obtain permit coverage by submitting a complete permit application to Ecology and satisfying all applicable public notice and State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) requirements (WAC 173-226-200).

The CSWGP application is electronic that requires applicants to login to SecureAccess Washington (SAW) at If you have questions about the online application, please contact technical assistance staff at, (800) 633-6193/option 3, or (360) 407-7097 (Olympia Area).

Appeal Options
The terms and conditions of this general permit, being issued November 18, 2015, may be appealed only by filing an appeal in writing to the Pollution Control Hearings Board (PCHB) and by serving it upon Ecology at the addresses below. E-mail is not accepted. Appeals of the general permit must be made within 30 days of issuance or receipt, whichever is later (see RCW 43.21B) (“RCW” is the Revised Code of Washington). The procedures and requirements for the appeal process are contained in RCW 43.21B.310. An appeal must be filed with:

Address and Location Information:
Street Addresses: Mailing Addresses:
Department of Ecology
Attn: Appeals Processing Desk
300 Desmond Drive SE
Lacey, WA 98503
________________________________________ Department of Ecology
Attn: Appeals Processing Desk
PO Box 47608
Olympia, WA 98504-7608
Pollution Control Hearings Board
1111 Israel Road SW, Suite 301
Tumwater, WA 98501
Pollution Control Hearings Board
PO Box 40903
Olympia, WA 98504-0903