Dec. 8, 2015 Puget Sound Partnership News

Report on the Puget Sound Vital Signs shows that while restoration efforts are making progress, our species continue to struggle

The 2015 State of the Sound reports on the region's progress in advancing shared actions for Puget Sound recovery, as well as reports on how the ecosystem is responding through shared measures called the Puget Sound Vital Signs. While we're happy to report that some habitat and water quality measures are showing improvement, the health of our salmon, orca, and other native populations will take decades of persistent effort to stabilize.

The 2015 State of the Sound: Report on Puget Sound Vital Signs, released in November by the Puget Sound Partnership and Puget Sound Ecosystem Monitoring Program, provides an overview of what's getting better and what's getting worse. The report also includes snapshots of Vital Signs ecosystem indicator status. Also available on the State of the Sound website are:

Report to the Community

Summary of progress

List of indicators of each category of progress